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Such joy comes from living a creative life. Being creative doesn't mean that you have to be an artist, per se. I believe it means looking for possibilities, not limiting yourself, and seeing life as a set of adventures.  It is never too late to make something of yourself, or at least try .


I have a diverse set of interests and skill sets. Depending on the job, I pull out the necessary skills from my "tool box". The common underlying thread, no matter which hat I am wearing, is creativity, integrity, and humility. I believe in thinking outside of the box, doing the task with as much excellence as possible, and being open and teachable.


I once took a test that showed I was almost equally left-brain and right-brain. That might explain why I have a list of occupations that include artist and musician (right brain) and lawyer and teacher (left brain). I embrace both sides! 

I am based in Colorado. The mountains and the sky here speak to my soul. I love to be outdoors, running, hiking, just hanging out. My life-long love, Jon, and I have been together for more than 30 years (since we were teens!) We have three children.  

I love to make stuff: art, songs, friends...  I am also into fitness, food and whiskey.  But mostly I am into my family. Raising and homeschooling our kids has been the hardest and most fulfilling thing I have ever done.  I have a deep faith in God, which brings balance and grace as I just try to live each moment as best as I can.


"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

-A. Einstein

Networking and collaboration has always been a part of my creative life.
Good connections and talented people just make you better!

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