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I will creating chalk art at the 2023 event!
The theme this year is "Be The Light".



Chalk Lines and Vines

In May I got to be a featured artist at Chalk Lines and Vines 2023. Over two days I created 2 10x10 pieces. Due to the stormy weather we drew on large roofing material indoors. It was kind of like sandpaper- my fingers were sore for days! Wineries and meaderies from Colorado offered tastings, artisans presented their wares, and the chalk artists created. It was a very fun event! 



Fraser Mountain Mural Fest 2022

In August I was excited to be a featured artist at the Fraser Mountain Mural Festival! The theme this year was Art: A Force of Nature, embracing the natural world around us and how it shapes our environment.


The final painting. Forces of nature and how we interact. This festival is such a great event. So much fun and great energy. It is also a competition. We didn't win anything this year, but still an amazing experience.


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Into the Rainbow | denver pride Art showcase   @  Spectra ArtSpace

JUNE 18 - JULY 2021

Opening Reception 6 - 10 pm

At Spectra Art Space | 1836 S Broadway, Denver CO

"Starting on June 18th in celebration of Pride month Spectra Art Space’s walls will be transformed into the rainbow. This showcase will feature a variety of artworks and a giant collaborative rainbow installation from over 85 of Denver and Beyond’s most beloved Queer artists & Allies. Featuring sculptures, paintings, toys, jewelry, and more.

The intention of this installation is to celebrate not only the month of pride but also the core values of Spectra Art Space: collaboration, community, inclusivity, and inspiration."

Each artist was assigned a color of the rainbow and created a monochromatic piece. My color was orange and my piece is Mermaid Dreaming.

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